Shannon Ross    Beagle    female
I purchased a beagle pup in April of 2007, and she is absolutely
wonderful. Olive is extremely smart, friendly, and healthy _ _ weve
never had any problems with her. I am thrilled with the puppy I
Brian and Kelly Rogers    English Bulldog    
We are proud owners of Havana, one of
your past bulldog puppies. She is a
beautiful girl and very healthy, we are so
happy with her! We would love to see new
babies when you have them. A Havana
sister may be in our future.
John and Debbie Schilling     Beagles    
We purchased two beagles from this
breeder in 2005 and 2007. We would never
go anywhere else. Both Bailey and Brandy
are perfect. Healthy, happy and easily
Becca    Beagle   female
I purchased a tri colored beagle. I am very
happy with my purchase. She is very loving
and is not a barker. Her name is Hallelujah
aka Halle. I love her dearly. I would love to
get another beagle soon.
Carol Schantz-rusin     English Bulldog   
Clowey we call her Ava. We just love
her. She has certainly turned our house
upside down. Its like having another
baby as well as three teenagers. She is
so adorable and we could not be
happier.  She cant get enough of our
black lab Elsa.
Karen Antley    Beagle   male
We bought a beagle puppy about 3 years ago
from Crouses and could not be happier. Our little
guy is great and when we were in the market for
another one we knew we didn't want to go
anywhere else.
Travis & Kim Smith     Beagle     female
Hi Mr. & Mrs. Crouse.  Thanks again giving us the
opportunity to add another beagle to our family.  Zoey is
quite the cute little pistol and is giving our other beagle
Kasey a run for her money.  Everything checked out
great at the vet and she is just perfect.
We have a little request and wanted to see if you could
help us out.  We were wondering if there is anyway you
would be able to email us the picture of Melody's litter
that you have up on the website.  We are making Zoey
an album and it would be great to have a picture of her
with all of her brothers and sisters.  Thanks again!
First off thank you very much for the opportunity to add a new member to
my household. I purchased a female Beagle from Violet and Dusty's litter
on Sept 28, 2007. I named her Keala Kai, which means "The pathway to the
sea". Keala is full of life, fun loving and most of all healthy. Your
kennel is well maintained and very organized. I am very pleased with the
> Jay D Hinostroza
Thanks so much for our new addition to our family. We purchased Bailey
from you on October 8, 2007. He is doing great! Our vet said, "This is one
of the finest cleanest Beagles he's seen in a long time."  He's wonderful
with children, and he isn't a barker. We love him!
Joe, Dawn, and Patrick Kerr
Hi Roger and Bonnie,
We are very happy with our new beagle puppy Da Vinci!  He is healthy,
full of energy, and always very lovable.  Training is going well, he is
a fast learner.  He loves his car rides and walks to the parks.  Da
Vinci is a wonderful addition to our household and we are looking
forward to many happy times with our new friend!
Bri and Renee
Roger and Bonnie, just wanted to let
you know that Maggie is adjusting
well to her new surroundings! She
has definitely filled a void in our
hearts and is helping to ease the pain
of our loss. We couldn’t have asked
for a better puppy. Because of her we
are now Bernese Mountain Dog
owners for life!  Thank you so much,
The Tawney Family
We couldn't be happier with our new little girl, Izzy.  
The Crouse's facility was amazingly clean.  They
were so helpful in answering all of our questions
and letting us take our time selecting our pup.  She
is a great little puppy.  She is great with the kids.  
She lets them pick her up and she loves to sit on
their laps when she is tired.  I would definitely
recommend this breeder to anyone interested in
adding a beagle to their family.   The Connor Family,
Doylestown PA
Thank you so much for Wally!  He
is great.  As you can see he is also
extremely cute!  He is doing so
good already at “going” outside.  
We could not have asked for
more.  Your place was so very
clean and you were extremely well
organized.  It really made us feel
comfortable that we were getting
him from a place so well
maintained.  Thanks again!  Casey
and Frank Murray
Bonnie & Roger,
Smoke has adjusted wonderfully to his new
home.  He is the most adorable little guy and
has made our 3 cats his best friends (against
their will).  He is learning very quickly about
going outside to potty and is just so much fun
to have around.  Everyone who meets him
falls in love immediatly.  I will be sending
some pictures shortly.
Anna, Willie & Ryan Crummitt
Hi Bonnie,
I just wanted to let you know that
the puppies are adjusting very well.  
They are spoiled.  Their names are
Bubba and Sophie.  We love them
very much and they are a hit with
the neighborhood.  They will be at
the vet's office on Friday.  
I just wanted to let you know .
Shirley Rubino
Roger and Bonnie,
I just wanted to send a quick
update on Bindi. This past month
she has grown so much and she
really enjoys exploring and playing
with our kids. Bindi has been a
great addition to our family.
The McClurkin family
Hi Roger and Bonnie,
Bailey is doing really well.  She gets so much
attention and she loves to play with her new
frisbee out in the yard.  She is also doing a
great job with the house training.  Vet says
she is healthy and happy.  Our other beagle
and her get along so well, they love to play
together.  I would recommend your kennel to
anybody, the place was so well maintained
and organized with all of the forms and
everything.  It made me so happy to know
that my puppy was coming from a good
place.  Thank you so much again and I hope
to keep in touch in the future!

Hi Bonnie & Roger!
We've had Chase (Mutley) for a little over a
month now and he's doing great!  He is
happy and healthy and just adorable!  He's
definitely a beach dog...he loves the sand,
not so much the ocean, but he's slowly
starting to get to used to it.  We never
thought a puppy could bring this much love
and happiness into our home!
Thank you so much for breeding these
beautiful dogs.  We would recommend your
kennel to anyone.  It's comforting to know
and see how well you take care of all of the
Thank you for giving us Chase!  You'll be
hearing from us in the future.  =)
Ali & Dave
Bonnie and Roger,
Sorry it has taken us so long to give you
an update on our new addition.  Maddy
(Madison) is doing great!  She has had
three visits to the vet so far and he says
she's looking good!  She is very healthy
and growing beautifully.  She is such a
sweet dog and the prettiest beagle
we've ever seen.  She's a lot of fun and
everyone who sees her falls in love with
her immediately!  We're so glad we
found you.  The three hour trip was well
worth it!!  
Thanks again,
Bob, Molly, Caitlin, Dylan and "Maddy"
Hi everyone! Nikko is now home
with us! We've had him for eleven
days! He keeps us very busy, but
we're loving every minute of it.
Here are some pictures that were
mostly taken on his first day with
us. He has grown a lot since July
12th. He's really a beautiful pup.

Take care!
Craig, P.J., Zach, and Nikko
Just wanted to let you know that Mandy had
her first Vet visit with us and she is doing just
great.  She weighs 7.4 pounds.  She is a real
imp but she is doing just great.  She feels
right at home with us.
Thank you so much for giving us a real sweet
heart when we needed one.  We recommend
you folks to everyone.  we were impressed
with the manner in which you handled

Best Regards,

Harry and Dolly Spicer
Roger and Bonnie...
When we first checked out the your web site we were
curious as to how you keep the different breeds
separated..... We decided to take the trip to check
things out and to meet you guys....  We were definitely
glad we did.... We were impressed with the setup of
the kennels as well as how clean and organized things
were kept.... You were very helpful with any questions
we had for our new Bernese Puppy (Teddy Jr).... And
he is doing great!  Overall doing business with you was
a pleasant experience due to the fact that you are
down-to-earth people but still keep things
professional.  We would definitely recommend anyone
serious about purchasing one of your breeds of
puppies to check out your kennels first....   KEEP UP
Christine and Mark Sterner
Hi Bonnie,
How are things going?  I hope the new litters are
treating you well!  I meant to send you these
pictures weeks ago, but I've been really busy
with work and school.  I've attached a bunch of
pictures of Maggie.  Some are when I just got
her, and some are from the other day.  She's
getting really big...she just weighed in at 20
pounds, as I'm sure you can see in some of the
If you have any questions or would like any more
pictures, just let me know!
Hi Roger & Bonnie - Our pup, Dixie, will be one in two days.  She is
so adorable and a great addition to our family.  We have an older
beagle that we got in Germany that likes to play with her on
occassion.  She has settled in well after a challenging
puppyhood, but we stuck with it.  She is great now, totally potty
trained.  She loves to chew, so dog bones are our friend!  She is
happiest when chewing on a bone.  She loves to go on walks with
us and loved her first trip to the beach.  She was so well behaved
and actually wasn't afraid of the ocean like our older dog is.  We
hope to visit again one day!
Shawn, Suzie, Hunter, Madison, Savannah, Chase, and Cooper
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