Crouses Windy Hill Kennel
My name is Missy Good, and I recently acquired one of your past Berner puppies. Her name is Chloe and I bought her from Connie
Bloom who bought her from you. Connie has to have surgery and has to move and couldn't take her with. So I was lucky enough to find
her. She's beautiful and a very good dog. She's 16 months old now and I'm sending you some picture so you can see her. I love her so
My question for you is if there's any way you can get me a new set of AKC papers for her. Connie gave me the ones she got from you,
but she sort of filled them out and whited out a lot of stuff and they really just look kinda crappy. She never sent them in, so if you want
the old ones back I will gladly send them to you or even bring them to you. (That way I'd get a chance to see some more beautiful
The funny thing is that I found out after I had Chloe that my sister had gotten a Beagle from you one time. That was quite a long time
ago, but just shows how small the world really is.
Just email me back and let me know what I can do about Chloe's papers.
Thank you very much and enjoy the pictures of her.
"We're From The Country, And We Like It That Way"
Hi Bonnie,
I guess T-Bone (Huey) likes his new home we are
having a blast with him!!!
Thanks again I will do all I can to let people know how
great you and your family are!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you
Patrick Dew
Roger & Bonnie,
We wanted to give you guys an update after his first month with us.  
Chief (Meatball) is doing great.  You can obviously see from the
pictures that he's already grown quite a bit.  I think he's at about 20
pounds right now and he's got a 22-inch chest.  Solid as a rock.  
He's healthy, well behaved and everyone he's met has fallen in love
with him and his great personality.  He's very friendly and social.  
He's also been good with training-- he has mastered "sit" and gives
high-fives now too.  And he's very smart.  He figured out while
playing a game running around a table that he could cut us off by
going underneath the table.  
We love having him around and thank you guys for taking such good
care of him.  He's napping right now but sends his hello.  Hope you
had a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season.  
Brett and Michele
Dear Roger and Bonnie,
Bailey is 7 months old now and she is crazier
and more lovable than ever. She is always full
of energy and LOVES to give kisses, knows a
plethora of tricks already, and is a favorite at
the vet's office. Like any beagle, she loves to
eat everything and anything she can find, but
we do our best to keep it out of her reach (she
seems to love cat food the most). She is
extremely personable and she loves every
person and animal that she meets (even
though the cats don't seem to like her very
much). We are so happy to have her as an
addition to our family and we would
recommend your kennel to anyone - we loved
how clean and organized everything was!(Look
at the action shots on those ears!) Thank you
so much for Bailey. :)
The Bucci Family
We just wanted to wish you and your
family a Merry Christmas and Happy
New Year. I've included some pictures
of Luna (birthday August 11th, 2007 to
Melody and Bud). She is doing really
well, we couldn't have asked for a
better pup.

Jennifer and Jesus
Just wanted to send an updated picture of
Baxter.  He is already 20 lbs.  He has adjusted
very well.  He is a great puppy.
Baxter is ready for snow.  He loves laying on
the steps by the snowmen.  So far only one of
them catches his interest and gets him in
trouble.  But he is learning quickly that they are
not a chew toy.
Merry Christmas!
The Baxter's
Roger and Bonnie,
hears her coming he gets all
excited.  Dexter is such a
delight and I love having him.  
Maybe one day we can get him a
brother.  He enjoys our walks
and wants to play with everyone
he sees including all the other
dogs.  Dexter loves playing with
his toys and Santa was very
good to him.  He is just such a
friendly dog.  Glad I got him.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas!
An update on Bruce (Magnum) ... we just came from the
Vet and Bruce weighed in at 21 lbs.  The staff at the Vet's
office loves when we visit, they immediately take him into
the back to visit with everyone! And believe me Bruce
loves the attention.
Bruce is a very active puppy!  Our other dogs (a german
shepard and a border collie mix) are getting used to him.  
Our border collie has actually found a new playmate!
Bruce was a very good boy for Christmas (as you can
see from the pictures, he didn't even touch the tree).  We
love having Bruce as the newest member of our family
and thank you for a GREAT pup.
We will continue to keep you posted on his progress.
Have a Happy New Year!
Mike Hecker
Dear Bonnie & Roger:
Happy New Year!!  Jason and I can’t thank
you enough for such a wonderful puppy!!  
Maddy is four months old now and a great
addition to our family.  She is very friendly
and playful.  We just love having her
around.  Everyone who meets her just
falls in love with her and comments on
how beautiful she is.  Maddy was a very
good girl on Christmas and had a great
time opening presents.  She is so much
fun.  We will keep you updated as she
grows into a little lady!!
Kim & Jason Roach
Greetings from Southern New Jersey!  I
just wanted to give you an  update on
Hank (Popeye).  Hank is almost 7 months
old, and weighs a  whopping 60 lbs!  He's
such a good dog, and a wonderful
companion.  I  
am so happy that I decided to get Hank,
and look forward to adding  another bullie
to my home soon!
Allison Frederick
Millville, NJ
Hi Bonnie!
Just sending some pictures of
Brutus.  He sure is something
else!  He is very healthy and
loves his treats.  I'll send more
as he gets older.  Thanks!
Kathy Graham
Hi Bonnie,
Buddy and I can't be any happier with
our little girl. Minnie (Hope) is such a
lovable and cuddly girl. She's getting so
big around 30 lbs now. I just wanted to
send you a picture of her during
Christmas. Thank you again!
Tera & Buddy
(Virginia Beach, VA)
Hi Bonnie,

We notice all the bullies updated so here's
one on our favorite bull.  This is Winston
(Sugar Porky) the cutiest bull dog in the
world.  Winston has been a wonderful addition
to our family.  We all love him so much.  He is
a charmer and is growing so quickly right
before our eyes.   Everyone that meets
Winston instantly falls in love. We recently
discovered that Winston likes looking in the
mirror at himself and watching the cars go by
from his favorite window.
Just wanted you to know that Percy
(Nina) is doing great.  I am sending pics
for you to see for yourself.  She is a
sweetheart and we love her to death.  
She and our other beagle, Copper, enjoy
each other so much.  Thanks once again.
Here is a picture I took of Nuzzie today.  She
is 10 weeks old now and adjusting to her
new family.  We love her and the grandkids
think she is the greatest.

Hi Bonnie,

We came to Delta, PA December 24, 2003 to pick up our beagle,
now known as Billy. He was so little! He has grown into quite a
handsome young man and we can hardly believe he will be six
years old on November 8, 2009! He is well behaved and very well
mannered. His disposition is perfect and we often comment that
in this crazy, hectic world, Billy is always the same:  perfect! We
always smile when we see Billy. He turns a bad day into a happy
one! You can not imagine the joy he has brought to our lives! He
truly is a member of our family. How are his mom and dad?
Please let us know when you get a chance! Thank you for such a
wonderful friend!

The Rementer Family, Bob, Debbie and Keats and Billy!
Harrington, DE
Bonnie - I wanted to thank you for all of your time over the past 2  
months while we were waiting to pick up Isabel (aka SCARLET).  
that we finally have her and she is home with us we have finally
out the void we have not been able to fill.  Scarlet just adores our  
10 month old son Cody and has already taken up to protecting him.   
Scarlet has boned with our 5 year old daughter Marisa and really  
enjoys playing outside with Marisa - they are going to be buddies
a long time to come.
Your advice,wisdom and encouragement has definitely helped us
the first 48hrs and we feel so blessed to have Scarlet in our family.   
She is just adorable, a huge cudler for affection and loves to give  
kisses.  She will fit right in.  I have attached some photos for you  
to post on the website and will send more as she grows over the
few weeks.  Thank you again Bonnie to you and your family for all of  
your hard work in preparing Scarlet to come home with us.
Brad Downs
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