Crouses Windy Hill Kennel
I thought we would share some updated pictures of
Baxter. He is now 21 weeks old and 52 pounds.  He is
getting very big.  He loves being outside and basking in
the sun on the warm spring days.
started eating her toys!)  This sweet puppy
has become my best friend and follows
me everywhere I go, and always makes
me smile.  I couldn't imagine a day without
him and his silly little personality and his
big floppy ears.  
Thank you so much!! If it weren't for you
and Roger we would not have our new
member of our family!  
Thank you
Kristin Garrett
hi Bonnie,
I just wanted to send you a recent pic of the puppy
we adopted from you back in October 2008.  We
named her Izzie, and she is so awesome!  We love
her so very much and she is such a wonderful
dog!  She is full of energy and has lots of love to
give everyone! She LOVES people and loves to
kiss kiss kiss all the time!  She loves our cat
too...they chase each other around the house all
day!  We took her to puppy class at PetSmart and
she did so well...the trainer was very impressed!  
We are continuing to work on commands with her
and she knows a lot already! She's very smart!
Thank you for giving us such a great addition to
our family...we couldn't have asked for a better
and more beautiful doggie!
-Lindsay and Eddie Redwinski
Bonnie & Roger:
We wanted to let you know that Maddy is
doing great!! She is 7 months old now and
weighs 53 pounds.  She just graduated
from puppy school last week.  We are so
proud of her!!  We love her so much!!
Kim & Jason Roach
Just wanted to send you 2 pictures of Mosie!  
She is doing great!  She loves the backyard
and the bushes (as you can see from the
picture)!  Hope your new puppies are doing
Hi Bonnie,
I hope this e-mail finds you well and enjoying the summer.  Scarlet
turned 6 months old last Monday on the 13th of July.  She is a real
charmer.  We just love her to death and I would tell you that she has
settled into her new home perfectly.  She enjoys walks around the
neighborhood in the early morning and late evening when the
weather is a little more cool – she really enjoys running on the golf
course and chasing the geese.  It is hard for us to take walks though
because everyone stops us to talk and play with Scarlet – she has
quickly become the neighborhood favorite.  She has a very silly
personality and certainly knows how to get what she wants.  As of
late her favorite activity is chasing a soccer ball around the yard or
pulling a very heavy, braided 20 foot rope around as well.
Scarlet has quickly become the ruler of her own domain (in a good
way).  She can sit, lay down, stay and catch treats that are thrown to
her.  If we are around other dogs who might be excited we can tell
Scarlet, “back, back, back” and she will stay away from them until
their owner can get them calmed down.  She enjoys cold water, ice
cubs and the occasional popsicle from my daughter, Marisa.  
Scarlet has taken on the “protector role” of my little boy Cody who is
now 15 months old.  Wherever Cody is, Scarlet is right by his side.  
Since he is learning to walk, if he trips or falls and starts to fuss,
Scarlet races over to him to make sure he is okay – it’s very cute.
In any case I wanted to attach some photos for you guys to look at –
just Scarlet being her silly self!  Hope things are well and out of
curiosity, in October who are you expecting puppies from?  Thanks
Bonnie – hello to all!
Hi Bonnie,
My husband and I purchased a beagle puppy
from you and took her home in May of last year.
We had such a great experience and Rosie is
doing so well with us. We are looking to expand
our family to include another beagle puppy. We
are wondering if you are expecting any litters in
the near future. We would be looking for a
female. We look forward to hearing from you
and I have attached a picture of Rosie so that
you can see how she is doing. Thank you.
Richard and Theresa Thorn
Hello Crouse’s,
I was surfing for Bernese Mountain Dogs and found you all
and realized that my Berner Mac came from you. I
purchased him from a woman in Manchester, MD. But
anyway I wanted to let you know that I have one of your
pups out of Teddy and Lilly. I got him in February of 2006
and his birth date was November 15th. I could not be more
pleased with him and how he turned out. He is around 130
pounds and thinks he is maybe 30 pounds. He is still intact
and was bred to another Bernese and produced 9 healthy
good looking pups and residing around Maryland. Anyway I
am going to attach a couple pictures of him. So I never
mentioned who I am, my name is Roxane MacDonald and I
do not remember the name of the woman I got him from
but it is probably with all my records.
Roger & Bonnie:

As you know, Chief (Meatball) and the rest of his crew are turning one
year old in a couple weeks so we wanted to give you guys an update
and some pictures.  My digital camera is broken so the photos are
from my phone and not the greatest quality, but we wanted to give you

Chief is doing great.  He's got a great personality, he's playful and
extremely friendly with people and other dogs.  And he's really athletic
too-- I don't think bulldogs are supposed to jump as well as he does.  
We recently moved to the Jersey side of the Hudson and he has more
room and grass to run around here.  He's got a girlfriend named Daisy
(an old English bulldog mix) and a couple older bulldog friends named
Bruiser and Tank.  Almost every time we're out someone comments
what a good looking dog he is.

You can see from the pictures that when he sleeps he sticks his
tongue out... the more exhausted he is the further out it extends. It's
pretty funny.  He's definitely got Tinky's face and Buster's frame.  He's
about 62 pounds now and solid. He spends a lot of his time playing
fetch and napping, and searching the apartment for different shoes or
items to steal. He's really a member of the family and
a pleasure to have around.  Maybe in a few years we will bring him
home a sibling from you guys.

Hope all is well with you both.

Brett and Michele
pounds – he is such a porker and a lovebug! He has
bonded perfectly to everyone – including our
chihuhua, Sierra. We all love him so much and he
and my son (2 ½ years old) are best buds!  His
temperament is perfect, and I think he looks
exactly like his daddy, Big Bud J   He has puppy
issues, but that’s exactly what they are.. puppy
issues. He is going to be a perfect dog. Thanks so
much! J
Nichole Ross
Bruce and I wanted to write and tell you how excited and
proud we are of our new addition Lola... known to us as
Bailey.  She is such a sweet puppy and we are loving every
minute of the time we get to spend with her.  I wanted to pass
along some updated pictures of her.  We had a photo shoot
done with her when she was 10 weeks old and the pictures
are priceless.  We have also been taking weekly pictures to
see how much she is growing.  She turned 16 weeks
yesterday and will graduate puppy class at Petsmart on
Wednesday night.  She was at the vet last week and already
weighs 35 pounds.  We love her a ton and thank you for all
your help.  We couldnt have asked for a better experience in
finding the perfect puppy.  Bruce and I have recommended
you and will definitely be contacting you in the future to
possibly get another Berner friend for Bailey.

Thanks again for everything
We hope you enjoy the pictures

<3 April and Bruce Skrenczuk
Hi! We adopted Annie (Anastasia) almost two
years ago. I believe she was in a litter of Bud and
Melanie from March 27, 2008. Approaching her
2nd birthday and I wanted to send a picture and
tell you how much a part of our family she is. We
have a 10 year old daughter who picked her out
two years ago, a cat that has been with us for 14
years, and an infant daughter of 6 weeks and
Absolutely no problems with Annie! She is in
perfect health and has fit in with us since day
one. She was the runt of the litter but now
weighs in at a healthy 25 pounds and loves to
cuddle. She thinks she's one of the kids!
Hi! I bought a puppy from you and we brought her
home this past September! She has been the best
puppy we have ever had! She fits in to our family
perfectly. I didn't know if you guys know when you are
having another liter but we are interested in added
another beagle to our family around the end of may,
early june. I was just emailing you to see when you
guys plan on having more liters. Let me know! Here is
a picture of the puppy we got from you in September,
you guys named her Mandy.
Allison L. Blakely
Hope everyone is doing fine Lisa, Nicole and I just
wanted to say everything is great and Snoopy
(Tracker) is great. We love him and he fun to watch
with Luke the golden we have. Attached is a picture
in the spare bed room were he sleeps at night. We
will send you more pictures so you can see how he
is growing. Snoopy loves to run around the pool in
the back yard. We roll his ball and he runs so fast
but comes back to have it rolled again and we also
take him for walks.
Hello, I just wanted to send you a picture
of Minnie (Hope). She is doing great. She
is the apple of our eye, shecouldn't be
more spoiled.

Tera & Buddy Hartge
Virginia Beach, VA
Hi Roger and Bonnie,
We were recently on your website (always like to
check on pictures of beagle pups) and noticed that
Big Bud is no longer listed under Studs. Did
something happen to him? He is the father of both
our dogs (Melody is their mom) and of course, we
wish the best for him! Also- attached is a recent
picture of our two - Ruby will be 3 this August and
Louise will be 2 in December. They are wonderful
dogs!!  Thanks so much! Heidi Guth
Hi Bonnie,
Suzy & Shelby (Tiffy & Tawny) are almost 6 months old now
and doing great.  They made themselves right at home from
the very first night.  They lick and jump on our 3 year old dog
Buddy like crazy and he just puts up with it.  I can't believe we
were so worried about him liking them! Bruce has them in
rabbit hunting training and they are learning very quickly.  
Here's a picture I just took today on our back deck.  They love
to be outside in the yard.  I am so glad we took the two
sisters together because they certainly keep each other
company when we're at work and during the night.  Thanks
The DeBlois Family
Hamilton Square, NJ
Hi Bonnie!
Tank is now about 6 months
old and we have had some
photos taken recently we
wanted to share! Tank is
doing well, we even taught
conditioning. Hope you,
Roger, and all the dogs are
doing well.
Meghan Weisbeck
Hi Bonnie.
Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know how Buddy (formerly known
has Troopr) is doing. We visited the vet on Tuesday and had a couple of shots.
He had a GREAT check up and the vet said he was VERY healthy and looked
really good. He's already 8 lbs and doing great. I go back in a few weeks for his
other set of shots.
Buddy is fitting in nicely with our family and other dogs. He's a burst of energy
for sure but we love him.  I've attached a couple of pictures so you could see
how he's doing. I have two others dogs (not sure if I had told you that). Baxter,
a boxer and Casey, a pointer mix. Casey is 15 yrs old and she just walks by the
puppy and doesn't even pay attention to him. Baxter is just turned 3 today. He's
hysterical with the puppy. They are constantly chasing each other and always
playing tug on my robe tie...hee hee hee. I was worried about Baxter because
he is so big and strong but they play and Buddy lets him know for sure when
he's being to rough. Buddy really knows how to defend himself.
Anyway, I just wanted to keep you up to date.
Hope all is well and that you enjoy the pics.
Ana Balcarcel
Hello Bonnie!
Thought I would write you and let you know how my chunk of love
(a.k.a. COOKIE) is doing!  Yesterday she turned 6 months!!!!  I am  
having the best time of my life being her Mommy!  Its been an absolute  
joy teaching her new things and watching her experience the world!   
Currently we are working on learning to ride a skateboard!
We now live in the Rehoboth Beach area and both Bella and I enjoy  
beach living.
As you know, I am a professional photographer, so I sent along some  
shots I've used of her on my marketing and advertising materials!
Thank you again so much!
Casey Lyn Goold
Lewes, DE
Hello guys!
I just wanted to share about Natty
(Prancer)!  She just turned 6 months old
and is as playful as ever.  She enjoys
“burying” her bones all over the house
and even outside.  She loves the baby
pool on these hot days that we have had
recently, but she also enjoys sitting on
the vents and hogging all the air when
she is inside.  We love her and are so
happy we found you guys.  We love
having her be part of our family.  Well
wishes to everyone and all the pups!
Thanks again J
Bridgett D. Moxley
Good afternoon Crouse family,
Here is a picture of our little Kirby in last
week. He is such a cutie! Growing up so
fast! Starting to grow into his little
character. He is very playful. He loves his
toys but most of all, loves to pick up sticks
twice his size during our walks around the
neighborhood. When he gets bored of his
toys, he goes for hands and feet! He's had
two vet check ups and so far so good! A
very healthy puppy! He's my little joy!
Keeping me busy all day everyday day oh
and night!
Thanks again, and I will be sending you
more pictures eventually
Have a good summer
Tina & Phillippe
HI Bonnie,
It has been a while since I updated
you on how our wonderful beagle is
doing!  We got Bailey from you guys
back in Dec 2008, and he is doing
great!! Every time we go to the vet
she tells me what a wonderful
breed he is!! He is just PERFECT!!!  
Thank you so much for my sweet
little guy!! He is also a water bug!!  
Every time I let him outside the first
thing he does is go for a swim in our
pool!!! It's so cute!!  He is just
starting to get over his puppy stage,
and is being such a cuddler, and he
loves EVERYONE!!!
Thank you so much!
Kristin M Eisenhart
Hi guys, wanted to send you some more
pictures of Tempe.  Finally I have my
lapdog, an 75 lb lapdog, but I love every
minute of it!
1-       making herself comfortable at our
place at the beach

2-       loves her big brother Logan!

3-       Thought you might enjoy a laugh on
this one!
Thanks again guys, we really love her and
she is getting along great with the two cats
Sue Crawford
Hello Bonnie and Roger,
Alfalfa and Clover on August 8, 2010
Just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I
love my dogs! These 9 month old pups are from
Alvin and Diamond's November 11th litter. They are
pretty obedient -and learning about rabbit hunting
much better than I expected. I love them to pieces.
They make me laugh every day. They spend all day
in the fenced back yard and then come in at night.
In the morning, when they get up from their beds in
the crate, they go out to potty and then sleep with
mom in her big bed for another hour or two.
They love their brother and sister Vizslas- Willie
and, big, happy  family. They also
have 2 sheep that share the backyard.
What great dogs!
Best Regards, Marie Brummett-- Blain, PA
Hey Roger & Bonnie,
Me and Michele are writing to say hello on
Chief's 2nd birthday. We've attached some
recent pictures.
Chief is doing great. He's happy and healthy and
he's even shed a few pounds, so he's a (fairly)
lean bully machine. He's well behaved and
spends most of his time fetching tennis balls,
playing with other dogs nearby, sleeping, or just
chilling on a chair on the balcony.
We hope you guys and your bullies are doing
Brett, Michele & Chief
Good Morning,
I just wanted to send you an updated picture of
our Buddy.. who was part of a litter born to Bud
and Brandy in June 2009. He is such a wonderful
dog with a great temperament! He has learned
“sit”, “stay”, “come”, “down”, “give paw”, “kiss-
kiss”, “say please”.. among many other things.
His newest best friend is the kitten we just got.
This picture truly shows the size of him – he is
now 60 pounds at 15 months, but a big love-bug.  
We will be looking to add a friend for him soon….
Nichole Ross
This pic shows Alfalfa &
Clover on their 1st birthday -
Nov 11th.  They are great little
dogs and are having fun in the
fields this fall! They are also
very much loved and spoiled.
Marie Brummett
Hey Bonnie,

Here is Cooper (Champ) 11/10/09
Tinky/Buster litter! He is the most amazing
little guy ever!! His 1st birthday was
yesterday. He is a very energetic and healthy
bully, however he was 66lbs at last vet
check!! Vet says he is just gonna be a big boy
but is in great shape. We hope he doesn't
gain anymore weight because he sleeps on
top of us!! Enough cannot be said about how
much we love him. I get constant
compliments on his looks and personality, he
is trluly amazing. We hope to maybe get
another little guy from the next litter. It is still
under discussion.
~The Kowalski's

Rocky (Vixen) just turned 9 months old (and 70
pounds!) and we wanted to share some pictures
with you and let you know how well he is doing.
Rocky is such a sweet puppy and we couldn't be
happier with him. He enjoys going for walks, car
rides, and playing in the yard with our 19-month old
nephew. Rocky especially LOVES going to the dog
park and playing with the other dogs; he has so
much energy! On walks, many people stop to pet
Rocky and he enjoys the attention. He has a great
temperment and is an extremely friendly and social
dog. Three weeks ago Rocky began obedience
training- he steals the show with his adorable
Thanks again for such a great dog!
Carrie and Tommy
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