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Thanks so much
Roger, Bonnie, Tanya and David Crouse
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Hi Bonnie,
We wanted to give you an update on Barcelona
(Dancer). We call her Lona for short.  We have
really enjoyed having her as part of our family.
Everyone comments on how pretty she is and
her good nature. She just turned 1 and is 57
pounds but thinks she is a lap dog. Her favorite
pastimes are going for walks, chewing up her
toys, sleeping, and now playing in all the snow.
We think she is the greatest dog and we look
forward to many more wonderful years as part
of our family. Thanks for such a wonderful dog.
We talk so highly of your kennel to everyone
we know.
Happy New Year,
Dan, Mary-Kate, and Lona Frank
Hi Roger & Bonnie,
I hope you are well!  We
are writing you to wish you
a Happy Holiday and to let
you know how Duke is
doing!  It is almost his 1st
birthday and he is doing
great!  We love him so
much and are so happy to
have him!  I have attached
a few pictures for you!
Have a great day,
Kathryn and Pat
Hi Roger and Bonnie,
We just wanted to send an updated
picture of Nuzzie.  She celebrated
her second birthday on 12-2-10 and
was from Melody and Big Bud's
litter.  We can't tell you how much
we love and enjoy her.  The
grandkids come just about every
weekend to visit and Nuzzie misses
them when they have to leave.  
Merry Christmas.
The Boldosser's
Mechanicsburg, PA
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Hi Mr. and Mrs. Crouse,
I wanted to send you this email to let you
know how Lucky (Kayla) is doing.  She has
such a sweet determined personality.  She
has been a wonderful addition to our
family.  She is just about finished with her
first training class.  She has learned the
basic commands (sit, stay, come).  We are
thoroughly enjoying spending time with her.
Thank You,
The Hartman Family
Hello Bonnie,
Just wanted to follow up and say thank
you for our new puppy. Piper(Ali) is the
first addition to our home and she has
been a lot of fun. She is 3 months old
now and has grown so much. We look
forward to the coming adventures of
Piper the Beagle.
Have a great year!
-Christian & Andrea
Hi Crouses! We are the Haflers. We bought a beagle
puppy off of you a few years ago. Our "Nora" was born
on Dec 2, 2008 and her parents were Melody and Bud.
We named her Pixar!! She is a great kids
wanted me to tell you that she licks... ALOT!!!!!!!!!!  We
thought you might like to see some pictures of her.
We had to show you how she smiles  (she has an
underbite!!- we think it's cute) And she loves to go
camping with us, when she sees me packing the
camper she gets all excited!!! She also loves our cat,
they are best buddies.Our cat gives Pixar a bath and
she loves it. When the cat stops, Pixar pats him to do
more!! She can be a real stinker at times. Her bad
habit is that she LOVES to steal our socks and run
around the house with them!!! It really is quite funny to
Thanks again, Hope you enjoy the pictures
Shelly, Greg ,Shelby and Abbey (and Pixar too) Hafler
Schnecksville PA  
This is a little overdue. We purchased
Maggie (known to you as Lindy) from you
in 2009.  She is amazing and I cannot
thank you enough for her.  I was just
browsing your site and I was wondering
why you dont have berners on the
website anymore.  I was going to
recommend you to my friend.  I am a little
worried and think that if its something
about the health of your berners I need to
know for Maggie's sake.  Thank you.
Lauren K. Sulovski, MSPA, PA-C
Hi.   Thank you so much for this beautiful dog.  
She is doing great.  
She fit right in from day one.   Lulu loves the
couch.  She picked up  
her first stick at the park the other day.  She is
great with the kids  
and our min pin wolfgang.  Will send more
pictures as she gets bigger.   
Love Betsy, Kevin, Marley and Brooke.
Hi Bonnie and Roger!
We are finally getting around to sending you
pictures of Lucky.  Since we brought her
home in November, our life is very different.  
We love her so much, and she's such a good
puppy.  We couldn't ask for more!  Everyone
comments on how cute she is and what a
great temperament she has.  Even the girls
at the vet want to take her home.  She
weighs about 15 lbs. now and is a little over
a foot tall, and she's perfectly healthy.  We
love her so much!  Thanks for helping us to
find a great puppy!

Mike and Stacy Jamison
Hello Bonnie and Family,
My greatest apologies Miss Bonnie that I haven’t kept up with my end of the deal in letting you know how our puppy has been doing since we
adopted her in May.  I believe she was your Jana, now, my Sophie Lynn, (Sophie for short). So, I’ve attached a number of pictures that I have
taken of her.  You can tell by the file name (the date) as to how old she was at the time the photo was taken.  The first photos are from the day
She’s a very healthy puppy, and the local vet here (Waynesboro Veterinary Clinic) was extremely impressed by how well you kept your
breeding records when I gave them copies of everything you gave me.  For some time right after adopting her, we were pondering finding a
stud in a few years and breeding her.  However, we’ve now decided against doing so, as we both have a lot going on in life right now, though I
do love her dearly, and plan to have another bulldog again and again, maybe later in life, when my life isn’t running me, I will then begin
She gets along wonderfully with the family, especially myself and my son who you might remember is 4.  He was with us the day we picked
her up.  She also gets along with other dogs, especially BIG dogs.  Sophie doesn’t seem to realize she is a small dog.  We went home to
Michigan, where I am originally from for the week of the Fourth of July to visit my mother.  She has a dog I bought for her for mothers day who
is only a few weeks older than Sophie.  She is a Saint Dane, ()cross between a Saint Bernard and a Great Dane) and to add to it, the dogs
name is Kitty. Sophie and her played instantly upon our arrival and were inseparable for the week we were there.  Though it took a couple of
days, the two of them were soon sleeping on on the same bed together.  * I will have to request the photos from my mother to share with you.  
Kitty stands about 3 foot tall and is roughly 70 – 75 lbs.  Sophie only stands about a foot and a half tall and is roughly 30 – 35 lbs.
Anyway, she is wonderful, and as you may notice by the last picture attached, she also enjoys giving my son a bath.  She hasn’t yet jumped in
with him, though Im sure soon she will do just that.  She is most definitely a bull dog, and is very very bull headed at times. But she is potty
trained for the most part, she has the occasional accident when she gets too excited, and we did crate train her as well.  Now, she loves her
cage and little pink bed.  Every night at bed time when I finally go to bed and am tucked in laying quietly, she takes one more stroll throughout
our house, as if to ensure everything is safe, and then crawls into her princess palace herself placed right next to me in my own bed. With
that, you can truly tell she’s become most attached to me of the 5 of us living in our home, because once she’s snug in bed, she wont budge
until I get up sometimes not until 9 or 10 am.  My other half, James, is up at 5 or 6 am.  She acknowledges that he is awake, looks towards
me he says, and huffs as if to say, “nope, mommies not up yet, Im staying here”.
Thank you again for a wonderful companion,  I will do my best to keep in better touch.
Laura A. Dannecker
Hi Roger and Bonnie,

I bought 2 of your pups about a year and
a half ago- they were out of Diamond and
Alvin and were born 11-11. I just adore
these little babies, "Clover" & "Alfalfa"
I took these pictures yesterday on
Wiliie's 6th birthday (Willie is a Vizsla-
2nd dog from the left). Just wanted to
show you our big, happy family. Hope you
and the dogs are doing well. Best
Regards, Marie Brummett, Blain, PA
Hope you are enjoying our snowless winter. The Beagles sure
it's warmer on the tummy when they're out running around.

Clover & Alfalfa wanted to send pictures of the rabbits from
week. On Saturday, Willie the Vizsla got one- they were
pissed! Today  
Clover got a bunny and found a shed deer antler. Life is good. I
I am reincarnated as a dog with a loving family.

Take care, Marie Brummett
Hi Roger and Bonnie,

We picked up Bree in August 2009, we
decided to keep the name.  She was
from Brandy and Budd’s litter.  She will
be 3 in June.  Please find attached
some pictures of her progress.  We
have also adopted a friend for her, as
you will see in the pictures.  Jasper
will be 2 in September.     
Hello guys, we just love Max. He
receives too many kisses a day
to count lol. He is simply perfect
Hi Bonnie,

I wanted to send you picture of me at
my new home. I am doing great and I
am spoiled rotten by Matt & Meagan!  I
have a very nice bed and a ton of toys!
I have already had a ton visitors come
to see me and very one says how
handsome I am. I have vet visit coming
up and I can't wait to impress Dr.
Tillou.  Meagan promised me that she
will send more photos to you as I get
bigger. I promise to write real soon!
Hello Crouse Family!
About a year ago we adopted our new addition to our family!
Her name was Wanda from her mother Wiggly Winnie and
her father Naughty Ned! we remember saying you guys
would love to get pictures on how she grew up and so a
couple of them we sent from when we first got her and a
couple are recent ones of her! I must say she got both of
the traits from her parents. Wiggly and Naughty! but we love
her so very much and she has taught us to be more patient!
We named her Roxy Ann but only call her that when she is
naughty :) She loves to sleep under the covers and lick you
to death! She is very much a people person and loves to
tear her toys apart! We just wanted to thank you on letting
us adopt such an amazing little dog! I hope you all had a
Happy New Year!

Thank you again
With love,
Bonnie and Roger,

Max Anthony aka Tanner, Tucker's
brother, is celebrating his 1st
birthday today! We love Max very
much; he has brought much joy to
our entire family. He is spoiled rotten
and is all heart! We highly
recommend your services for anyone
in search of a bulldog puppy!
All our best,

The Timcheck family
Hi Bonnie and Roger:

I received this little lady as a Christmas gift in 2012.  
I just wanted to tell you all that she was the best
Christmas gift EVER!  Her mom was Winnie and I
believe she was known to you as Willow.  Her name
is now Jilly.  She is the sweetest dog ever.  I cannot
begin to express the happiness she brings to our
family every minute of every day.  

I just wanted to say thank you.
Pam Kelly
T-bone = was from huey litter                                            
Angus =was from odey .
Thought you would like to see
Copper and how much he
looks like his mom and dad!!!
Copper is our entire world!
Thank you!
Cooper (aka..Benny on the left ) and Cassie (aka.. Blossom on the
right) enjoying their forever home. We just adore them. Thanks
again for everything♡
Hi Bonnie,
Bells is settling in great! Copper loves
Bella (still adjusting to sharing us with
her lol) but overall doing wonderful
together !
We wanted to send Christmas greetings and an
updated picture of Nuzzie.  She was from Melody and
Big Bud born December 2nd 2008.  We can't believe she
is six already.  She is such a love bug and gets very
excited when the grandkids come to visit.  Blessings in
the new year!  

Rick and Deb Boldosser
Mechanicsburg, PA
Happy Holidays!
I just wanted to let you know that Klara
(renamed Roxy) has been a great addition to
our family.  Thank you again and if you ever go
back into the bulldog business, please let us
Patti Nevin
  Its been a year since our Diva was born to
Naughty Ned and Goofy Gabi. We now call her
Daisy named by my granddaughter. She is well
loved and is a huge part of our lives. She really
takes after both parents of being naughty and
goofy. Thanks so much for our girl.